⚁ 9.3 Dr. Dąbrowski and Dr. Piechowski:

William Tillier

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⚂  9.3.1 Synopsis.

⚃ Dr. Piechowski has promoted overexcitabilities in the gifted field for many years.
≻ His perspectives on some aspects of the theory of positive disintegration differ significantly from Dąbrowski’s original works and he has expressed views contrary to the original theory.
≻ Dr. Piechowski feels Dąbrowski was mistranslated: “when he gave me some of his writings to read, those that were translated into English, the people who translated them didn’t understand what he was talking about, and he didn’t always express himself clearly.”
≻ Unfortunately, the way Dr. Piechowski has presented his material often makes it difficult to differentiate his ideas from those of Dąbrowski.
≻ Those wishing to gain a full perspective of Dąbrowski’s theory should consult his original works.

⚃ It is important to have a broad view of positive disintegration and not be focused primarily on overexcitabilities.
≻ This is particularly pertinent for those wanting to apply the theory, for example, in therapy or in gifted education.
≻ Although understanding overexcitabilities is important, viewing overexcitability in conjunction with the dynamisms, the third factor, and psychoneuroses is more insightful and provides critical context. These are all synergistic factors, and, if applied together, promote better understanding of gifted and disintegrative experiences as a whole, allowing appropriate support and intervention strategies.

⚃ The theory of positive disintegration is a work in progress.
≻ Dąbrowski told us he was purposefully vague in many places as he did not have a complete picture in his mind. Thus, some aspects of the theory are open to interpretation and require further discussion and refinement as new research accumulates.
≻ This is expected when theory building; the only caveat is that to avoid confusion, those moving the theory forward or giving new interpretations must clarify that these are neo-Dąbrowskian formulations.

⚃ I appreciate Dr. Piechowski’s contributions to Dr. Dąbrowski’s work.
≻ As indicated above, for those studying TPD, it is important to distinguish between the views of Dąbrowski and those of Dr. Piechowski.

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⚃ For anyone interested in the details of the differences between the two authors here is a link to follow: Link