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⧈ [Pinned] Facebook discussion group Link: You can join at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DabrowskiInternational/

⧈  Profoundly gifted and the need to find your core self; a conversation with P. Susan Jackson.

⧈  Does Overexcitability Always Indicate Giftedness?

⧈  Laura Stavinoha on the 2024 Dabrowski Congress.

⧈  Kazimierz Dabrowski - Theory of Positive Disintegration (Foreword).

⧈  Trud istnienia.Rozwój według Dąbrowskiego.Pozytywny aspekt nerwic. [The hardship of existence. Development according to Dąbrowski. The positive aspect of neuroses.]

⧈  Dabrowski: Origins of Early Polish Psychology.

⧈  Zdrowie psychiczne - teoria dezintegracji pozytywnej Kazimierza Dąbrowskiego. [Mental health - Kazimierz Dąbrowski's theory of positive disintegration.]

⧈  Kazimierz Dąbrowski "Posłanie do nadwrażliwych" Czyta: Bogdan Dmowski. [Kazimierz Dąbrowski "A Message to the Hypersensitive" Read by: Bogdan Dmowski.]

⧈  Posłanie do nadwrażliwych. [A message for the hypersensitive by Jarosław Wasik.]

⧈  Kazimierza Dąbrowskiego Teoria Dezintegracji Pozytywnej z perspektywy filozoficznej [Kazimierz Dąbrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration from a philosophical perspective.]

⧈  Czynnik trzeci jako wolna wola. Prof. Piotr Bołtuć (wykład w j. polskim) Piotr Boltuc. [Factor three as free will. Prof. Piotr Bołtuć (lecture in Polish) Piotr Boltuc.]

⧈  Lustro śmierci - T. Kobierzycki /Askeion (Pamięci Prof. Kazimierza Dąbrowskiego) [Mirror of death - T. Kobierzycki /Askeion (In memory of Prof. Kazimierz Dąbrowski)]

⧈  Dr Marie-Lise Schläppy.

⧈  The Third Factor Magazine has relaunched after a major revision to its digital platforms. I think the magazine will be more helpful than ever and I look forward to reading future issues. The Third Factor Magazine.

⧈  Exploring Positive Disintegration with Jessie Mannisto.

⧈  Dąbrowski Center. "The Dąbrowski Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the world a better place by removing the stigma of mental illness and promoting the science of personality development." (Dąbrowski Center, February, 2023).

⧈  Positive Disintegration Podcast Link.

⧈  Tragic Gift Link.

⧈ This video is in Polish. It contains several great pictures of Dąbrowski at the beginning and a nice picture of his grave at the end. Here is the link.

⧈ Theory of Positive Disintegration As a Model of Personality Development for Exceptional Individuals By Elizabeth Mika Read by Merlin Goery. Here is the link.

⧈  InterGifted.

⧈  Adults With Overexcitabilities Link.

⧈  Powerwood Celebrating (Neuro) Diversity Perspective for the High-Able: Dąbrowski

⧈ Lisa Rivero's webpage: https://www.lisarivero.com/

⧈ Lisa Rivero: George Harrison's life as a creation of personality.

⧈ Lisa Rivero: Sidetracked by Dąbrowski.

⧈  The Gifted Development Center.

⧈ Counternarration. https://counternarration.wordpress.com/

⧈  Krystyna Laycraft

⧈  Mika 1 An excellent overview by Elizabeth Mika.

⧈  Mika 2 An excellent overview by Elizabeth Mika.

⧈  Mika 3 On the levels by Elizabeth Mika (PDF download).

⧈  Mika 4 Theory of Positive Disintegration by E. Mika.

⧈  http://www.hoagiesgifted.org/living_with_oes.htm Living & Learning with Dąbrowski's Overexcitabilities. A teaching unit by Cindy Strickland

⧈  http://www.hoagiesgifted.org/sensitivity.htm Sensitivity. This is from a website called Hoagies' Gifted Education Page run by Carolyn K.

⧈ JAGC ( http://www.jeffcogifted.org/) An affiliate of the Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented, composed of parents, teachers, administrators and community leaders committed to providing appropriate learning experiences for high ability students.

⧈  If You're So Smart, Why Do You Need Counseling? (Published in Advanced Development Journal, Vol. 8, 1999) by Deborah L. Ruf (PDF download).

⧈  http://www.stephanietolan.com/is_it_a_cheetah.htm Is it a Cheetah? By S. Tolan.

⧈  http://talentdevelop.com/ This is the site of Douglas Eby.

⧈  http://www.hsperson.com/ This is a theory developed by Elaine Aron. She describes "over-sensitivities" that are like allergies and suggests that people who experience these "over-sensitivities" need to identify them and learn to avoid them in life. For example, if a person has an increased sensitivity to flourescent lights, they need to avoid exposure to these lights. I don't think one could stretch this concept to apply to what Dąbrowski described as overexcitabilities, as far as I see, they are simply different ideas. I include the link here because people may associate Aron's work with Dąbrowski because of her use of the term oversensitivity.

⧈  http://www.sensitiveperson.com/ A site called Being Sensitive - in an Insensitive World by Thomas Eldridge. I think this work is along the lines of Aron's theory, not Dąbrowski.

⧈  http://borntoexplore.org/overexcite.htm This is the website run by Teresa Gallagher called Born to Explore! The Other Side of ADD. Several people see a link between ADHD and TPD.

⧈  http://www.archives.ca/02/02012302_e.html The National Archives of Canada. Put Dąbrowski into the search engine to see results (in French).

⧈  http://Spiral Dynamics Dr. Don Beck presents the theory of Spiral Dynamics, a hierarchical model similar to Dąbrowski’s.

⧈  Steven Dinan's Timeline. This is an outstanding time-line of "consciousness, transformation, and spirituality" compiled by Steven Dinan. It includes Dąbrowski, under the entry for 1964 (PDF download).