8.8 Videos of Dąbrowski.

William Tillier

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⚇ One of Dąbrowski’s early students, P. J. Reese, made two half-hour movies of Dąbrowski. These have been digitalized and posted to YouTube.

⚃ The Java Shoppe Interview, Edmonton, October 1975, P. J. Reese.

⚃ Be Greeted Psychoneurotics: A look at Kazimierz Dąbrowski, Edmonton, October 1975, P. J. Reese.

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⚇ In about 1965, Leo Mos was asked to host a graduate seminar asking Dąbrowski questions about the theory. This turned into three 2 hour videotaped sessions. Depending on your Internet connection you may or may not be able to see these videos online. They are also included in the free archive download.