⚀ 7. Applications of the TPD.

William Tillier

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⚁  7.1 Introduction.

⚁  7.2 Psychotherapy.

⚁  7.3 Counseling the gifted.

⚁  7.1 Introduction

⚂ 7.1.1 This page will develop and explore applications of TPD. In a chapter in his 1970 book, Dąbrowski outlined nine applications of TPD. These include: psychology; psychiatry and psychotherapy; education; philosophy of man and ethics; philosophy of science and humanities; history; sociology, cultural anthropology and social philosophy; politics; and pastoral guidance. Instead of summarizing these points, I provide a PDF of the chapter. We are only now beginning to explore applications beyond education.

⚁  7.2 Psychotherapy.

Although many therapists and coaches purport to practice Dabrowski based therapy, his major book on psychotherapy in English remains unpublished and undistributed.

⚂ 7.2.1 Romanowska-Lakomy, H. (2010). The problem of the meaning of life in Kazimierz Dąbrowski's psychotherapy. (M. Uminski, Trans.). Heksis, 1 , Unpaginated.   LINK

⚁  7.3 Counseling the gifted.